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Founded in 2000

Resources First Foundation is an entrepreneurial 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2000. Since its beginning, RFF has built web-based tools and resources designed specifically for the multi-faceted needs of private landowners, land & energy conservation professionals and business to advance their goals and objectives.
For 15 years we served as the U.S. foundation for Wilderness Wildlife Trust. You can Donate to Wilderness Wildlife Trust via their partner organization – Empowers Africa (EA). Donations via EA are tax-deductible in the USA.
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The mission of Resources First Foundation is to support and develop innovative land, energy and water conservation programs to strengthen and sustain rural communities, economies and green businesses, and to support private sector conservation initiatives.

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RFF 2014 annual Report2014 (PDF 5 MB PDF)

RFF 2013 annual Report2013 (PDF 2.3 MB PDF)

RFF 2012 annual Report2012 (PDF 1.5 MB PDF)


Our program focus is to support and educate those that own the critical lands, lead them to the services they need to enable conservation, describe the benefits (both economic and environmental) of conservation practices, and put it in a format that can be easily accessed, and individualized.
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