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The Private Landowner Network, RFF’s flagship site, has a series of directories, news services and tools developed specifically for use by the private landowner. Its accompanying suite of sites including the Conservation Tax Center, the Conservation Yellow Pages, and the Conservation Grant and Assistance Programs are searchable by state, zip code, and resource type. They provide access to over 32,500 technical experts, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, legal experts, service providers and conservation funding sources nationwide.

In 2006 RFF senior project director, Willard Dyche received an award from the Secretary of Agriculture for developing energy estimator tools for farmers and other landowners. RFF has built seven conservation and energy management tools to assist the private landowner in addressing farm and land conservation and climate change issues.

RFF’s websites are designed for the entire conservation community including: private owner, professional staff (foresters, biologists, lawyers, appraisers, etc. and conservation service providers including the private businesses serving the rural land, forests and agricultural sectors. With all RFF’s projects, the goal is to connect people to conservation by leveling the playing field and providing free access to critical conservation information, tools and services.

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Private Landowner Network

A nationwide directory of more than 32,500 conservation resources including articles, links to legal expertise, funding resources, government agencies, nonprofits, and providers of conservation services and products. PLN provides a simple, direct and effective way for landowners to navigate the complex choices of good land stewardship and conservation. To access PLN and associated sites and tools,
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Keep Working Lands Working

The blog by President Amos Eno and guest writers features short, newsworthy, inspirational articles with links to innovative programs, organizations and news you can use.

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